Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Local deal: Shake your booty into shape!

Are you trying to get into shape, slim up, or just fit into those sexy jeans?  Why not try shaking things up a bit and trying Zumba?  Groupon and W.O.W. Fitness are offering a great deal on Zumba classess:

For $12, you get 5 Zumba classes (a $50 value).
For $25, you get 10 Zumba classes (a $100 value).
For $35, you get 15 Zumba classes (a $150 value).
W.O.W. Fitness's certified personal trainers and instructors shimmy alongside students during high-intensity Zumba dance classes that melt away unwelcome calories. As a medley of Latin-inspired music sets off internal metronomes, attendees learn intuitive dance steps that blend into a dynamic cardio workout. The instructors follow the gym's motto and declare a "war on weight" in the classes, which set tickers pumping while patrons whittle waists, tone calves, and strengthen cores. The mirrors lining the lime-green walls of the facility help patrons ensure that their kicks are high, their frames are strong, and their hair isn't on fire. Classes are Monday–Thursday at 6 p.m.

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