Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Night Games! 1/21

Anyone wanting to play some games?  Tomorrow is Sunday, which coupons!  I've got 5 games to play right now for coupon envelopes.  Right now, I'm the only sponsor...but if anyone new sponsors jump in tonight, I'll let you know! 

Now for the nitty gritty....Only ONE win allowed per night.  So if you win one game, you can't win again :)  This helps spread the coupons around.  But, you are welcome to keep playing.  If you win a second game, the prize will go to whoever calls bingo next :)

Also, you have 24 hours to claim a prize!  If you don't claim it by then, you forfeit your coupon can use my contact tab or you can email me at

As always, thanks so much for playing games on my page.  Let's have fun and keep it friendly!

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