Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bootcamp Body: Week 2

Ok, I know I haven't posted in a while...mainly because there hasn't been anyting post.  I told you last week that I started going to Bootcamp at Bishop Park, which is a fitness bootcamp.  The first class really made me question how much I wanted this...I hurt so bad by Thursday that I couldn't even walk (and didn't go to class that day).  All in all, week 1 was a total flop for me.

I decided to try again this week.  I went to class yesterday morning.  Marietta did a great work out with us.  We ran alot.  Also, we did crunches and a lot of routines to work our upper body.  I made it through the hour, not easily, but I made it.  I really enjoyed the fact that Marietta changed up the routines, so it looks to me that we will be working on lots of body parts, which will really help bust me into shape.

I tried to eat well yesterday and this morning (what's the point in all this working out if I'm just going to ruin it by eating junk food all day).  I've been drinking water and taking ibuprofen. I stretched last night and this morning.  So far, I feel okay.  I'm still walking anyway.  I can feel all the muscles that we worked out, but it's not the pain I felt last week.

If you are wanting to get into shape, check out your local options.  If you're like me and are not a self motivated person (at least when it comes to working out), there are lots of great options out there.  If you want more information on Bootcamp at Bishop Park, check out their facebook page.  There you can find a flier about class options, nutrition information, and other great information!  I will be back at class on Thursday to try again.  I look forward to telling you the end results (hopefully they are great)!

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