Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fake Huggie Coupons!

(Photo Credit: Midwest Coupon Clippers)

As much as we love good deals, we do have a responsibility to coupon ethically.  Be on the look out for FAKE Huggies coupons that say:

“Save $8 on one (1) package 36ct or lrgr (any size) Kimberly-Clark Huggies Diapers.”

Thanks to Midwest Coupon Clippers for sharing this!


  1. How do you know they are fake?? I had one given to me today and I used it at Walgreens and it scanned normally. You would think if it was fake it wouldn't scan or the cashier would have to input the code by hand and even then it probably wouldn't work. They say Manufacturer's Coupon right on them and have an expiry date, don't see how they could be fake.

  2. And there is no mention of a fake on the Huggies website. But a girl at WalMart today even had her OWN $8 off coupon that she got in the mail so they ARE still making an $8 off one.

  3. I'm just sharing a post I've seen. I have received fake coupons before, that you wouldn't have been able to tell it was a fake. It scanned in the computer and everything, I did not realize until after the fact that it was a counterfeit coupon. Just make sure if you get the coupons, you get them from the manufacturer and that they aren't copied coupons. I haven't had a chance to check out this coupon with Huggies, but I will be contacting them.