Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Game time!!

How about 3 more games throughout tonight??  Rules:  Only one win per night.  Once you win a game, you may continue to play, but you are not eligible to win a second time.  You are only allowed to play under one Facebook sign in.  So, don't play under your personal page AND your business page.  The games and prizes are posted below.  Please click on the sponsors name (which will link to their facebook page) and "like" their page.  If requested, please add a thank you comment.  We couldn't do games without the sponsors!  Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Game 1 (already played tonight) was sponsored by me.

Game 2: My Arkansas Mommy - Please like but do not thank this sponsor on Facebook, per her request - Coupon Envie

Game 3: Please like and thank this sponsor - 1 Facebook Custom Timeline Cover

Game 4: Kimmyhillbilly's Trailer Park - Please like and thank this sponsor - Temporary Tattoos

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